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Puma Pond Complete !!!
Photos of the party & concert
held in honor of the building crew

To the left is the finished and filled pool, ready for swimmers and a party. Below and to the left are the Cain Pool folks, their subs and families who traveled from Dublin and Stevensville to Placid for a day of poolside fun in the sun.

It was a full moon night, the nearby Placid VFD held their annual fish fry and fundraiser the same day and evening, so we simply opened the gates to the public and put on a great show, as you'll see further below. 150 fans attended.

First... note the smiling Christopher Griffiths who was the first to swim in Grandma Jo's and Grandpa Bill's new pool the day of the party. (You can see more of our grandson Christopher over his website,

If you've been viewing all the photo gallery pages of the construction of Puma Pond, maybe you'll remember those big old water tanks that were removed when laying the groundwork for the entire project.

While the use for the towers hasn't yet been totally determined, every young person who visits the ranch (and some of the oldsters) can't resist the temptation to climb the highest one and look at the view. Their ideas on how to incorporate the structures into the overall plan are varied and creative.

To the left is the initial Cain Pool crew checking out the height and wondering if they made the pool deep enough, could they comfortably jump. That's Cain's foreman, Jared, on the right who's an excellent swimmer and diver. If anyone can make it he can... (see below how he got up the nerve to do just that at the party). After all...he built it! (Plus, his boss, Mike was there to OK the attempt and assumed responsibility.)

Above... Jared not only survived (much to the chagrin of nervous observers... and we've upped our insurance in case he tries it again) but the day was declared a huge success. As the sun set on Legacy Ranch, the Full Moon rose and so did the spirits for a great evening of outdoor concert music. Leading off and closing the evening's entertainment was Texas Wildfire (you can view pictures of the entire band, follow their tourdate schedule, and buy our cool merchandise by visiting

Since the master of the ranch, Bill Randall (who leads Texas Wildfire) was in charge, he decided it was fitting that we turn the day, as well as the evening, over to the real stars... the next generation. First came the pool guys and rock guys and all the people who worked so hard to create Puma Pond, and then to our youngest son, Scott Randall, who brought his band, The Randalls, all the way up from UT in Austin. Texas Wildfire opened for The Randalls and Bill played in on bass. A couple of pictures of Scott's band are below (Scott's singing).

It was a great day and a terrific Full Moon Saturday Night Concert.. Thanks to everyone for attending, we hope you enjoyed our live show and picture review. Drop us a line!

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