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Final stages of the construction
of Puma Pond


Now that everyone else is finsihed, Greg and his crew finsih the job. Step one is to line the steel with a soft blue foam wrap that sticks to the steel and acts as a cushion over the the steel for the vinyl liner, much like the pool crete softens the rest of the pool for the liner.


Below, the liner is taken from its box and carefully pulled the length of the pool. We selected a celtic pattern that not only blended well with the natural setting, but it reflects our Irish roots, spirit, and philosophy.



The liner is heavier than it looks and dealing with a pool 9 feet deep is a challenge, plus the temperature was dropping as rain threatened. While the guys are hanging on to the weight with two hands, their third and fourth hands are clipping it in under the close fitting rocks. This was an especially difficult portion of the job. From here we finally got to fill the pool.

What Mike Johnson and Greg neglected to tell us was that it took almost two days of vacuum's running round the clock sucking the air out that's trapped between the liner and the concrete. Noisy rascals... and because Greg knew we werer concerned (he probably figured we'd shoot the vacuums to get rid of the noise) as you can see below, he and his sons came all the way down on a Saturday on his off time to check the progress and be sure we were disarmed. The cooler sitting on the swim out shelf is full of water and acting as a weight for that especially tricky section.

And now that it's all done... and because we have a professional rock and blue band called Texas Wildfire, we decided to throw all the guys a "thank you" party, invite their families, our neighbors and friends, and host our first rock concert showing off the new Puma Pond. For those pictures...
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