Meanwhile...back @ the ranch

showcasing Legacy's associated properties and projects

Here's the pool crew back
working with the "poolcrete" guys



As you can see, we're nearing the completion of the basic structure and things are taking shape... literally and figuratively.

At the left is Greg, back again to supervise the overall job. With him this time is Charlie (white cowboy hat) and his pool concrete crew. The mixture they use never totally hardens so that a soft underlayer for the pool liner makes it softer. Under the crete is a unique sand mixture that was spread by Greg's crew and smoothed perfectly to accept the crete. Charlie's the master on this phase and as you'll see, Greg's crew does the dirty work.




Altho he's covered in dirt in this picture, that cute guy to the right, and in the shallow end of the future pool is Michael Johnson, Mike Johnson's son. That's how you start in this business. Doing the real work!


With the pool crete all applied, guess who finds himself "stranded.? None other than good old Charlie. We decided to take a ladder from the water towers and rescue him... just because he smiled and asked so nicely. Below, the crew finishs up this phase, applying the last little bit, and waving goodbye. Job well done!

But it's not "goodbye" yet for Greg and his core crew who still have to complete the final stage, which is apply the liner, completing the electrical, plumb the pool, and fill and treat it. To view the final picture of applying the liner, proceed to our next photo gallery page.

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