Meanwhile...back @ the ranch

showcasing Legacy's associated properties and projects

Below is our photo gallery of how
the Puma Pond rock work was done

Michael (below, in cowboy hat), Waylon (upper left) and Beau (kneeling) were our rock guys. They're an experienced crew, Michael being the head man on this job. They employed the skid, pictured behind the guys, which first went to various locations on the ranch to retrieve the rocks, lifted them and held them as the placement was made precise. The key was to make it look natural and wild while not squashing the steel reinforcement structure. It's exacting work that required brains and craftmanship as well as muscle.

Michael's nickname is "Michael Angelo" for a reason. The trick is to make it look natural and like it's beeen there all the time. On the house side the rock work is more tame. On this side, as Michael liked to say... "It's Totally Wild." Below is the whole crew, finished, and duly proud of their art. They saw our vision and helped make it even better than we ever dreamed.


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