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Welcome to the photo gallery of
how we initially constructed Puma Pond


The human dwellings @ Legacy Ranch are located on almost solid rock on one of the highest points of a mesa in the Texas Hill Country. After laying out the design to the North side of the existing small dwelling, pictured to the left, and with considerable effort that involved employing back hoe and ram hoe, the Cain Pool crew dug 12 feet down to insert the framework for for Puma Pond. The high towers are where the old water tanks used to be and will eventually be used as a viewing deck and jumping platform.


The site sloped considerably, so Mike Johnson designed the pool to be only slightly above ground level on the shallow end (East) and considerably more above ground on the deep end (West). The portion above ground would be lined with the steel, queued up in the picture on your right.



What's a ramhoe? That's the Deere machine Jared's driving pictured from the viewpoint of the backhoe. It's essentiallly a giant jackhammer mounted on a backhoe rig. The two machines usually worked in tandem, below. The ramhoe drilling into the rock, the backhoe finishing and loading into the dump truck. We hauled off over 30 loads of rubble to the back of the ranch.


To the left is Greg, showing just how much he trusts his brother-in-law Jared, at the helm of the swinging backhoe. Greg simply thought of this as a free, quick ride 20 feet across the depth of the pool. Mike Johnson calls his crew a batch of monkeys. We call them... unbelievable! They all worked incredibly hard and their talent, plus trust in one another... especially considering the sheer rock they had to deal with and the syncronized machine work, would be a challenge most young men simply couldn't (or shouldn't) attempt.
Here's a picture of the whole crew doing the final carving out of the pool bottom. The steel framework is in place and it's time to employ jackhammers and raw muscle, with sledge hammers and anything else that can do the final cuts into the tough limestone. That's Jared in the blue shirt, head of the overall crew. He does a remarkable job making sure all the measurements are perfect and everying fits exactly as it should. There were, quite simply, no mistakes... and remarkably, no injuries.
That's Greg in the foreground, installing the plumbing at the shallow end. In the background on the left, at the pool's edge, is Mike Johnson (white shirt) and Michael and Waylon, the rock guys, who will soon take over and add their artistry. Pictures of the rock work begin on the "Rock Up" page. Jared and half the crew would go on to another job from here and Greg and the other half of the crew would be back soon to do the finish work after the rock up is completed.




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