Meanwhile...back @ the ranch

showcasing Legacy's associated properties and projects

Welcome to Puma Pond

Our special thanks to Mike Johnson and his outstanding crew at Cain Pool & Spa, and their incredible subcontractors for helping make our dreams come true of creating an ideal Texas pond (suitable for humans). It's an 50 feet long, 20 feet wide & 9 feet deep, using our native river rocks for the waterfalls & borders. It's named "Puma Pond" to remind us all that the bobcats & mountain lions still roam free throughout our Central Texas Hill Country and that wildlife should continue to be preserved..

We invite our friends to view the five stages
it took them to create Legacy's "Puma Pond"

Rock Up
Concrete Base

Filled with Water & Fun

But first... here's a preview of what it looks like now, all finished and full, with barefoot-worthy bermuda grass now grown in all around the pool (which is especially good considering all the four-footed and many of the two-footed critters that play around it don't wear shoes!)

Above and to the left is the full view of Puma Pond from the shallow end. It's 9 feet deep at the deep end and 20 feet wide, and a whopping 50 feet long. (Jo Ann, a former pro swimmer, hates to turn around too soon when doing laps. Her specialty was underwater ballet, so she needs a big fishbowl.) Above and to the right you can see the incredible rock work. To the left is a sunset view that shows you where we're headed with all this. (Even tho there's a sunset, the fun never ends).

The old water towers to the right will be incorporated into the scheme, as you'll see further in our pictorial story of how it was constructed. Ideas vary from an observation tower for said sunsets to a slide or "walk the plank" type novelty. The big tower is about 10 meters high, so diving is out... but jumping works if you have the talent (and are well-insured). In the background, between the pool and windmill, are the forms already in place for the pour of the concrete for the new 3,000 sq. ft. residence, which we call Legacy Lodge.


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