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Welcome to the Legacy Ranch
Initial Construction Photo Gallery

Any good photo gallery of construction progress simply must begin with how the place looked before you started. This page of pictures attempts to answer the age-old question "What's Involved?" It seems we're often asked that, especially, by our city friends and international colleagues of CompoundSemi Online and our entire photo gallery of our construction progress is also here to help answer that for those seeking recommendations of our same contractors.

Here's how it all began, from the ground up... and down since the ranch headquarters is located on almost solid limestone rock. As you'll see, it was no easy feat laying the initial groundwork for the septic system, the 20'x50' natural rock pool, and the new ranch lodge & residence.

Above is the view, right after a rain, of what the construction site for the pool looked like. It's just North of the existing little cracker-box of a cottage we've been living in since we first established Legacy Ranch in Placid, Texas in the mid 1990s. This is the spot where Puma Pond is now located. From the beginning, this is the primary area where we feed the wildlife each day, which includes an especially healthy resident herd of whitetail deer, wild turkeys, many cottontail bunnies, a variety of birds, and all those rascal critters one seldom gets to see, but who make their presence known, including possum, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, and an occasional fox and mountain lion.

To the left is the starting sand pile that would be used to bury the septic lines which will go straight down the foreground, to a much lower elevation in the front field where digging is easier and provides the best location for the whole septic system (downhill). The sand pile also marks the future country kitchen in the 3,000 sq. foot new ranch residence, which we call Legacy Lodge.


For our viewers who have already looked at the pictures of the building of Puma Pond, this ramhoe will look familiar. The first time we employed this incredible beast of a machine was for the septic lines. Our licensed septic system installer, Ricky Crawford of CW Supply in Brady was in charge, and nobody drives a backhoe and ramhoe like Ricky! From this dig he unearthed, carefully preserved and placed numerous large rocks that were then utilized as feeding rocks for the wildlife and as diving rocks and for the waterfalls for Puma Pond.

Below to the left is a picture of Able Ledezma manning the dump truck that hauled in the sand and hauled away the excess rubble to the back of the ranch (a mile away, in an old caliche pit and that's Ricky and his beloved backhoe doing the loading.

To the right, below, is the gearing up, way downhill, for the rest of the septic system. Those pictures are followed by the arrival of the septic tank and its installation.




Phase One: Completed! Ricky and those who helped him did a terrific job putting a state of the art system in place. The view to the left shows the completed line. The sand pile's gone, but the final inspector has obviously appeared on the scene. You can't see her? She's straight back and to the left of the white cleanout marker.

When all is said and done, the real inspectors are those who Legacy Ranch really belongs to. The native wildlife... who were here long before we were and, with any luck and careful preservation and maintenance on our part, will be here long after we're gone.

Phase Two is now ready to begin. If you're viewing these in sequence, proceed to the construction of Puma Pond..

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