Welcome to Legacy Ranch...

To follow are some pictures of the ranch, with added commentary from Jo Ann McDonald

Our gates look considerably cooler in picture than they do in real life, especially when we fly the flags on holidays.

We're right across from the Placid Volunteer Fire Department, which we helped establish only a few years ago. Placid, which is now a ghost town, will celebrate its Centennial in 2003.


Here's a picture of our primary natural waterway, officially named Corn Creek, but because we write a series of fictional stories called The Adventures@Legacy Ranch, based on the real ranch, we've renamed everything, so this is Turtle Pond and you're view is upstream to Bobcat Creek.

Beyond Bobcat Creek, further "up the creek" is Luigi the crusty old badger, who's on a witness protection program, and runs the Hole In the Wall Cafe.



This is our other primary natural waterway which is a seasonal spring-fed creek which we've named, appropriately, Spring Creek. It ties into Corn Creek and will become part of a much larger water scheme when we establish a series of step dams which will create Legacy Lake.

Overlooking both Spring Creek and Turtle Pond is Ms Possum's Cafe which is featured in the Adventures@Legacy Ranch episode titled Picnic@Turtle Pond.



Here and below 's the focal point of the ranch headquarters, our new 50 foot long, 20 foot wide and 9 feet deep swimming pool, which we've recently had constructed to look like a natural rock wildlife pond. All the rock was gathered from the creekbeds below Turtle Pond. Below, right, you'll see a few of the resident deer herd we feed each evening... along with every other conceivable critter. Extensive pictures of the the construction of Puma Pond are posted under Meanwhile, Back@The Ranch.

We've named this Puma Pond in honor of the mountain lions that still roam free in our part of Central Texas. We call our ranch cats "Little Puma's" because they're directly descended from wildcats which we tamed ourselves, so they're our primary models laying alongside the two waterfalls (right center and rear). Pictures of the two main cats, Spike and Joie, are below along with a shot of Arnold, our huge Wild Turkey Goobler and a sunset view to close things out.






Legacy Ranch