Hey! Luigi!...


HEY! LUIGI! introduces the Hole in the Wall restaurant up the creek. The gathering place is also known as Luigi's Place after its proprietor, a crusty old badger, who tends to add a great deal of garlic to everything he cooks. In this initial adventure, in first draft form, Luigi's dinner guests add a bit of extra spice to the evening.

In this original narrative form, this story is best showcased as read aloud to a child of any age by an adult with a keen sense of humor, joy for parody, and a good vocabulary. The child is not likely to understand everything, but as with Kenneth Graham's original Wind and the Willows, kids make a great excuse to read it aloud.

This is tailored as a working script, to eventually be combined with actual videos shot on location at the real Legacy Ranch which shows the exterior terrain described in the story. The Legacy Company, which provides the story lines, scripts, music, and video, is actively seeking a working alliance with a multimedia developer for the online animation development portion of the project. The series is tailored as an ongoing story line for interactive email communication with the characters, and/or chat room formats. It also lends itself to a number of academic formats, including one act plays for high school level competition.

Since each gathering place, (Luigi's, Ashley's Inn, and Mz Possum's Cafe) serves food, and Legacy Ranch is noted for it's especially hearty and tasty ranch style cooking for humans, we are also developing an accompanying "cookbook" feature for each episode that tells how to prepare dishes similar to those featured in the stories... with substitute ingredients suitable for human consumption.

Legacy Ranch