Incoming Email, Mail Call, On Assignment.
Incoming Email

You can reach any of us critters here @ Legacy Ranch, by our individual names, by email. We'll all answer promptly and personally.

Actually, you can email any character you want to, just so it has @legacyranch.com after it, and our mailman, Toad, will track down that character:

Mail Call

Dear Ashley,
I Admire you Greatly, and am learning to Speak in Capitals. It's driving my parents Nuts! You obviously must be Very Smart, so perhaps you could answer this question. What kind of paw print is on the Adventures @ Legacy Ranch stories on your website? I say they're a badger's, like Luigi's, but my brothers Chip and David both say they're a weasel's print! Who's right?
from Nova Scotia

Dear Laurie,
All of you are right and nobody's totally Right On. But isn't that the way it is in life sometimes? Badgers are part of the weasel family, believe it or not. Do you know what other animal is in there? A skunk!

The prints you see on the stories are, in fact, Genuine Skunk Prints. It seems Mary Jane brought her new little friend Sniffles into the human's cottage, and he walked all over things and made quite a cute mess. So cute, we decided to leave them there. You haven't met Sniffles in the stories yet... but you soon will. The one thing people who know Sniffles insist on is that he doesn't sneeze! Prints are one thing, but that would be Quite Another!


Dear Lefty,
Since you like milk (and so do I, by the way), you must hang out with the cows. Does somebody come and milk them every day? And do they let you get squirts that get all over your face, like I've seen other kittens splattered with in the movies?
in Camarillo, California

Dear Ann,
Boy, do you have it all wrong! At a cattle ranch, we have cows, but the only time they come into milk is when they have nursing calves. You must be thinking of dairy cows. We have what's called beef cattle and the boys generally end up becoming steaks and hamburgers when they grow up. The girls get to hang around and keep having babies and living happily ever after. What does that tell you about our society! It doesn't sound particularly fair to me...

Yours truly,

On Assignment
with Kate Rea of Dayton, Ohio

To: Kate
Fm: Joie

Hi Kate,
We're trying something new here @ Legacy Ranch. We thought it would be cool to see what happens when we collaborate with our kid reporters, and come up with a story that's both (as Ashley would put it), "Original, and Fun!"

The idea came to us when your mom said you'd like to "be" a character in our Adventures @ Legacy Ranch, and that you'd like that character to be a Katydid. What we've come up with is the beginning of a story that introduces Katy, the Katydid, and stops where we pose some questions about what might happen next.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to do some research on katydids (the insects) and write the next part of this story.

Just drag your mouse over the story (which is personally my favorite part, being a cat), and put it on to your word processor, and play with it (the story, that is, not the mouse) and see what you come up with.

Maybe your mom can help you. She'd understand what we're talking about when it comes to behavior at Mz Possum's Cafe (which is considered by most patrons as an "oxymoron." When you've taken it as far as you want to, email it back to me, or Ashley, and we'll Review It (again, Ashley's phase). If it's good enough, we'll add it to the site for others to see, including all your relatives and friends. Wouldn't that be neat???

With her Best Regards,
and with mine too,

P.S. Notice that I'm the one around here who has to stay up all night logging these things on to the website, when the humans aren't watching? That's how we get things done, sometimes, @ Legacy Ranch. Personally, I think its time Ashley learned to type! Both of us look forward to hearing from you soon.

Katy! "Bar the Door!"

Katy, the Katydid, was in charge of watching the door @ Mz Possum's Cafe on Friday and Saturday nights. That's when Simply Everyone came to Have Fun.

"Fun," in a Wild One's terms, could sometimes go Entirely Too Far. When it does, Katy tells Mz Possum and Mz Possum wakes up Billy the Badger, the little orphan who grew extremely fast and became Mz Possum's bouncer. Once Billy sorts out the hooligans, Mz Possum yells, at the top of her lungs, "Katy! Bar the Door!" Once Katy's barred the door, nobody bad can get it!

Question: How does Katy actually BAR the door?

Silly Suggestions:

Does she do it with bar code strips and issue a paw-held laser diode bar code reader to the good guys? And if so, would they know how to use them?

Does she have Billy and Rocky move the bar over to the door?

Does Katy have the Daring Jumping Spider family throw an invisible bar across the doorway than stops the ruffians from coming in?

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