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Our Adventures are obviously in the early stages of development. The sample chapters of this unique interactive nature novel, as posted, are in the formative stages of becoming a commercial property, with a number of spinoff adventures in the queue. The series is especially suitable for license by host servers for wholesome family entertainment on the Web, for development as a CD-ROM or DVD-based series, and in serialized print. Key online features are the ability to teach a variety of topics, utilizing embedded hotlinks to relevant and appropriate sites.

Legacy is developing the series with the aid of students and teachers in rural Central Texas where Legacy Ranch really exists. Beta site testing is currently underway with readers from all over the world, most of whom are friends and professionals (many of whom are PhDs) who work in the advanced technology fields with the author of the series, Jo Ann McDonald.

Current Status
Legacy is currently showing the series to prospective customers, funding agencies and potential development partners. Our next step is to add still pictures to the text and record the reading of the series for online listening as well as online reading. The goal is to eventually add video, animation, and real-time chat capabilities, employing university student moderators who came through the ranks as Legacy interns and early stage readers of the core series.

Search for Development Partners
Critical on our list of development partners is the artistic and animation capability. If all goes as envisioned, what a regular visitor to the Virtual Legacy Ranch will eventually experience, is a meld of native wildlife/ranchlife video with character animation. A visitor to the ranch would actually become part of the community by visiting their choice of ranch gathering places: Ashley's Inn (a Proper Bed & Breakfast), Mz Possum's Cafe (reminiscent of the old cowboy road houses), Luigi's Hole in the Wall Restaurant (the classic Italian restaurant), and the hangout for insects after a hard day working for their Queens, called The Hype & Snipe.

These gathering places are tailored to ultimately become 3D chat destinations for children and their families, where participants can converse in real time with each other, as well as the story characters... but always under the watchful eye of the host animal's supervision. Hand-picked human monitors with a rural background and sensitivity to problem visitors would be employed and would actually be the characters.

The story series is also fashioned to become standalone stories for classroom curriculum, print books, and can be scripted for plays, or as a full length children's movie. One of the first such tailoring will be as a science and technology teaching tool with funding through the fledgling Compound Semiconductor Foundation, which is in the early stages of formation and staffed by principals of The Legacy Company.

Human managers of the project are: Jo Ann McDonald who runs our editorial in all departments, and Bill Randall who runs the office side of things and oversees the editing. Brady High School graduates, Scott Randall, a freshman at The University of Texas in Radio/Television/Film and Scott Martin serves as our primary tech and oversees our entire computer setup and the many websites we run at Legacy. Scott Martin is a sophomore at Baylor University and worked as a paid intern this summer at General Electric in Cleveland this summer working on GE Lighting's website and helping train people at a GE startup, GELcore, to be self-sufficient running the GELcore.com website he and Jo Ann set up and administer. The Legacy Company can also be reached by tel: 915/463-5345 or fax: 915/463-5346 or by emailing jo@legacyranch.com.
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